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your sustainability efforts.

your team for the net-zero journey.

Boost Recycling to Reach Zero-Waste Goals
  • AR-powered waste sorting and digitalization
  • Educate and empower your people to recycle right
Create Uncommon Green Marketing contents
  • We specifically meet your internal green marketing requirements.
  • We provide social media marketing materials.
 Leverage your Sustainability Reports
  • We provide you with access to the data and details that
  • you may utilize in reports like CDP, ESG reports, GHG protocol, etc. via the dashboard.
Build Green Employee Engagement
  • Improved Corporate Image (attract customers, partners, and investors)
  • Employee Retention and Recruitment (attract and retain top talent)

Level Up

Take control, Admin dashboard
Measure Impact & Progress

See readable, up to date information on your overall impact and progress.


Customize the dashboard to match your company’s brand and values.

GateZero Dashboard

Get content you can share on social media channels.

Knowladge is Power

Find out what works for your company and use it to improve your policies and efforts.

Recycling, AR-Powered
GateZero AR app
Recycle With Guidance

Learn how to recycle according to the types of waste from RecycleBot. It's a valuable tool for proper recycling practices, recycling accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability.

Create Shareable Moments

Encourage people to take photos or videos and share them on social media, which helps spread awareness about recycling efforts to a wider audience.

GateZero AR app
Eye-catching Designs With AR

Funny designs on recycling bins can spark conversations between people, making them more likely to use them.

Promote Creativity

inspire people to think outside the box and come up with new ways to address environmental issues.

Sustainability, Gamified
GateZero app

We have found that what we call "gaming for good," which combines game mechanics with environmental good, can have a measurable impact on consumer behavior and the environment.

Gameful Design

The innovative and exciting approach of this playful design is to transport our users to a new world where every action they take promotes sustainability, encouraging positive environmental and social impacts.

Earthwise Trivia

Your people can enhance their knowledge, receive feedback on their performance, and monitor their progress over time through multiple-choice questions that measure their understanding of sustainability.

Progress Tracking

Providing feedback on progress towards sustainability goals can help users stay motivated and on track.

Point & Levels

Employees gain green crystals with their in-app progress and are motivated by skipping levels.

Achievements & Badges

The green identities of employees are represented by the badges and achievements they earn in proportion to their sustainable behavior.

Weekly Challenges

The challenges encourage employees to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and support them in forming sustainable habits.


In the leaderboard's leagues, individuals and companies engage in friendly competition.


It's Time!

Join GateZero's exclusive closed beta program as one of our pioneering companies and be at the forefront of innovation!

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